Frequently Asked Questions


No. Instead, TCG offers robust online support via our Contact Us page. This form is easy-to-use and ensures your inquiry receives immediate attention. Please use this page to submit questions or comments to our staff.

Note: The Consus Group holds all inquiries and submissions in strict confidence. Consequently, TCG requires a valid email address before responding to a submission.

The Consus Group offers an enormous, meticulously-indexed catalog of contracts and agreements. You can easily locate documents by:

  • Search: Our search feature (located in the upper right corner of every page) is an expedient way to locate contracts. The search feature enables users to find specific documents using keywords, titles, or parties.
  • Category: TCG’s documents are sorted by category (e.g., compensation, employment, licenses). Click here to begin browsing by category.
  • Title: Our documents are also indexed by title (e.g., finders fee agreements, office leases, warrants). Click here to begin browsing by title.
The Consus Group emails login credentials within seconds of processing an order. If you do not receive an email within 10 minutes of purchase, please:

  • Check your email account’s junk mail folder. Spam filters are the overwhelming cause of problems receiving documents. Most customers discover their document downloads waiting in their junk mail folders.
  • Check the correct email account. Remember, The Consus Group emails your document(s) to the address specified at purchase.
  • Ensure your email account is working properly. Occasionally, customers discover the email account specified at purchase is not functioning correctly.

If these steps do not resolve your problem, please Contact Us.

Immediately! The Consus Group emails subscribers’ usernames and passwords as soon as we process their transactions. Typically, new subscribers are combing our massive database within minutes.

The Consus Group does not offer free samples or trial periods; however, we provide generous previews of most documents in our database. (Customers can preview documents by clicking on the “Preview” links or moving the cursor over the document title.) These excerpts clearly and accurately reproduce documents–enabling prospective customers to review documents before purchasing.

Immediately after purchase, The Consus Group emails customers a username and password. Click the green “Sign In” link in the upper right corner of any TCG web page. You will be redirected to our Sign In page . Correctly enter your username and password.

After successful signing into The Consus Group’s website, you may access any documents in our database. Simply locate a document and click on the appropriate “Full Doc” button:

Full Document
No. Subscribers do not incur additional fees for viewing and downloading documents.
Subscribers use our cancellation page to cancel their subscriptions. If you have your username and password, the entire process takes less than a minute. After submitting this form, you will receive email confirmation that your subscription has been canceled.
While subscribers are entitled to virtually unlimited use of our database, The Consus Group has established several restrictions to protect our intellectual capital:

  • Reasonable Usage: Subscribers are limited to reasonable usage as denoted in the Terms of Use governing subscriptions. This reasonable usage restriction is intended to protect The Consus Group’s intellectual property, not to restrict legitimate use of our site.
  • Limited License: Subscribers receive a non-exclusive, non-concurrent, non-transferable, limited license to access the Subscriber Content. The Subscriber Content is available only for the designated user and may not be shared with other non-designated persons or entities. The subscriber is responsible for the confidentiality and use of the user name and personal password. The subscriber’s responsibility extends to all activity and use under the user name and password.

For more information, please see The Consus Group’s Terms of Use.

TCG emails your user name and password to the address specified during payment. Many email accounts route incoming mail to “junk mail” folders. Please ensure your account’s spam filter is not preventing you from receiving TCG’s email.

Important: Subscribers can use this page to have their account information automatically resent.

Your browser must be enabled to accept cookies.

Additionally, “pop-up stoppers” — software which prevent browsers from opening additional windows — may cause difficulties for subscribers browsing documents. While The Consus Group does not advertise via pop-windows, TCG does use additional browser windows for displaying subscriber-only documents. These software programs (e.g., Popup-Stopper) may impair your ability to browse our database.

Most “pop-up stoppers” allows users to make exceptions for certain websites if specific key strokes are used. For example, several software packages allow pop-up windows to open if the Ctrl is pressed while clicking on a link. Please consult the your pop-up blocking software’s help files for more information.

The Consus Group presents documents in HTML format, giving subscribers numerous viewing options, including:
Subscribers can open documents using any word processing program. For example, follow these directions to open documents in Microsoft Word:

  • Save the downloaded document to Desktop.
  • Start Microsoft Word. Choose “File” and select “Open.”
  • Navigate “Look In” screen to Desktop and highlight the downloaded document.
  • Click “Open.”
  • Save the opened document like any Microsoft Word file.
Customers can also view a document in any browser (e.g., Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera, etc.) and, using cut and paste functions, transfer the document to virtually any application.
Customers can print documents to PDF files, provided Adobe Acrobat is installed on their computer. For example, follow these directions to print-to-PFD using Internet Explorer:

  • Open the document in Internet Explorer.
  • Choose “File” from the menu, then select “Print…”
  • If Adobe Acrobat is installed, highlight the Adobe option under “Select Printer.”
  • Click “Print.”