Our Business

The Consus Group collects, organizes, and analyzes contracts — on a massive scale. TCG boasts one of the Internet’s largest collection of agreements. Our Contract Library comprises hundreds of thousands of meticulously-organized documents. Using this enormous database, we “slice and dice” contracts to discern trends and benchmark provisions. Finally, we distill our analysis into Contract, Company, and Industry Intelligence — our revolutionary product line for the legal, business, and investor communities.

Our Company

The Consus Group is a California-based company founded by practicing attorneys and management consultants. TCG leverages its unique perspective to provide crucial intelligence about contracts, deals, industries, and companies.

Our Vision

Information is power. For example, information about an industry or rival creates competitive advantage, while information about a deal or contract increases bargaining power. Information creates asymmetry: one party has insight the other party lacks. In law and business, favorable information asymmetries mean more money — lower costs, better terms, higher profits. Unfavorable asymmetries portend lower profits… or worse. The Consus Group’s Intelligence products create transparency, empowering clients with extraordinary competitive insight.

Our Name

The Consus Group derives its name from Consus, the Roman god of counsel. The incarnation of good advice, Consus represents the quintessential purveyor of wisdom.